did the apostles use the septuagint

The first list of Septuagint manuscripts was presented by Holmes and Parsons. Ray Franz challenges JWs -- Did Septuagint, the Apostles' Bible, use "Jehovah"? Since this translation has the books of the Apocrypha interwoven into its fabric, its use by Jesus and the Apostles infers their endorsement of the Apocrypha. However, He did speak about the Hebrew text of the Old Testament. We know the NT writers, who wrote in Greek, quoted from and alluded to the Greek Septuagint.We don’t know if Jesus Himself quoted scriptural passages in Greek when He spoke to people, because we’ve got no tape recording or video footage of Jesus speaking. Did Jesus’ apostles and disciples use God’s name in their inspired writings? However, one cannot be certain whether Jesus used the Septuagint … This question has come up simply because i LOVE the KJV, (but only because I belived it to be the most accurate and truthful rendering of the ancient, (yet living) words of the Living God. It is called the Septuagint because legend has it that seventy Hebrew scholars each translated the Scriptures into Greek only to find … If you look in the preface of a modern Bible, you will probably find a reference to the Septuagint, or LXX for short. A few opening thoughts: Yes, it does seem like he is using or borrowing from the Septuagint in particular.. Jesus referred to the Old Testament by its Hebrew division rather than by its Greek division. They used it as an honestly made version in pretty general use at the time when they wrote. PDF Version. The scroll Jesus read of Isaiah as detailed from Luke 4:17–21 is the Septuagint translation. The Protestants were so Ant-Catholic, they wanted to use the Hebrew Scripture, rather than the Greek OT. What I did not realize until recently was that the Hebrew Masoretic text does not say, “the virgin shall be with child.” It says, “the young woman shall be with child.” No wonder the apostles and their disciples chose the Septuagint over the Masoretic text. Was this Septuagint really written before the earthly ministry of the Lord Jesus and His apostles? The Fathers and the other ecclesiastical writers of the early Church drew upon it, ... and, finally, transposing the text where the order of the Septuagint did … They may well have read 1 Enoch or Baruch in Greek, but when they did so, they did not read them as inspired in the sense that the canonical books were considered inspired. the ST is in Greek. Of the approximately 300 Old Testament quotes in the New Testament, approximately 2/3 of them came from the Septuagint (the Greek translation of the Old Testament) which included the deuterocanonical books that the Protestants later removed. Thus, the Septuagint is claimed to exist at the time of Jesus and the apostles, and that they quoted from it instead of the preserved Hebrew text. As with this passage, other passages that are attributed to the LXX can also be explained without supposing the use of the LXX. Most of the OT references Jesus and the apostles use are follow the Septuagint as well. This is additional evidence that Jesus and the apostles viewed the deuterocanonical books as part of canon of the […] by David Daniels. First, the paramount question is not whether there was a very old Greek version of the Old The Jews did use the Septuagint, but they did not accept as canonical those writings which we call the Old Testament Apocrypha. (Franz freedom 244) David & Vivian Aspinall. This story has been passed around for centuries. (This post was originally written in 2013 and published at my previous blog, Old School Script.) Who were peter the apostles parents? During the Protestant Reformation, the The Protestants logically separated themselves from the Catholic church. Did Jesus and the apostles quote from the Septuagint? Imagine again that you… The translators of all modern Bibles, including the New King James, use the Septuagint along with other texts in translating the Bible. Did they quote it? Loading... Unsubscribe from David & Vivian Aspinall? How Did We Get The Bible. I’ve always got the impression that the Catholic Old Testament is translated from the Septuagint, while the Protestant Bible’s Old Testament is translated from the Masoretic texts. But is it the truth? Yes, it seems to be a kind of quote/reference. There is nothing out of the ordinary here. There are those who claim that that Christ and the apostles routinely used the Septuagint as their daily Bible and … It enumerates 311 codes (marked with Roman numerals I-XIII and Arab 14-311), of which the codes are designated by their siglum I-XIII, 23, 27, 39, 43, 156, 188, 190, 258, 262. It appears that Jesus, and those around Him, read the Septuagint - and we see that Hebrews 1 is direct quote of Septuagint (well, at least James White says), so how does it not follow that we should use this version as well? The Apostles and Evangelists utilized it also and borrowed Old Testament citations from it, especially in regard to the prophecies. Imagine you are listening to a sermon during which the preacher says in passing, "Here, Paul quotes the Old Testament." For Psalms 14 & 53 as a whole, mostly "yes". Like any translation the Septuagint has its limitations, but it was the first translation of any part of the Hebrew Bible into another language, so its place in world history is assured. NO, unequivocally, absolutely NO. Some of the texts that are found only in the Hebrew Bible and not the Septuagint include John 7:38, John 19:37, and Matthew 2:15, among others. The Septuagint was not an inferior Greek translation of the Old Testament. Should We Use the Septuagint and Accept Its Canonical Books? It was the only Greek translation of the Old Testament. 5:18), and this refers specifically and solely to the Hebrew language. No paul did not use the septuagint nor did Jesus or any of His apostles, for the following reasons: Jesus spoke of the jots and tittles of the Old Testament (Mat. The usage of the Septuagint by the Lord and the apostles raises a number of questions relating to inspiration. The apostles used both the Hebrew and Septuagint scripts when writing the books in the New Testament. Yes, the Greek Septuagint translation of what is now called the Old Testament by Christians. What is the "Septuagint"? Did the apostles and Jesus Himself use a Bible translation? This from Wikipedia article on the so Their edition ends with a full list of manuscripts known to them set out in the Annexes. 3. Did Jesus or one of His Apostles ever quote from the Septuagint? Apostles. The aim of Septuagint.Bible is to: Make available the living Septuagint text as it is used in the public worship and private devotion in the Orthodox Christian Church worldwide. 'The Translation of the Seventy'. Greetings, beloved truth seekers! There is a lot of evidence that Jesus and the Apostles read and used the Hebrew Old Testament (he referred to "jots" and "tittles" and referred to the Old Testament in the Jewish order of books (Law, prophets, psalms)). Thus, we see that the issue before us is threefold. 45 So when they did not find Him, they returned to Jerusalem, seeking Him. They claim that the Septuagint contains true readings not found in the preserved Hebrew text. The Septuagint's use of parthenos, meaning 'virgin' in Isaiah 7:14 to describe the mother of the promised son Immanuel, was used by Matthew 1:23 as evidence for Yeshua's virgin birth. Neither did He assert that His quotations were taken from the Septuagint, nor mention the Septuagint. Question: Recently I heard someone argue for the use of the Septuagint on the basis that the early church, apostles and Jesus himself used it.I discovered that the early church did in fact use the LXX, but they they also considered the deuterocanonical books which are a part of the Septuagint to be scripture as well. When we consider how we might use translations other than the av, and even sometimes more liberal transla­tions where the sense is clearer due to the difficulties of idiom and the lack of an exact equivalent word in English, we can understand why it has been used. Names "Septuagint" is derived from the Latin phrase versio septuaginta interpretum ("translation of the seventy interpreters"), which was derived from the Ancient Greek: Ἡ μετάφρασις τῶν Ἑβδομήκοντα, romanized: hē metáphrasis tōn hebdomḗkonta, lit. The Septuagint should not be confused with the seven or more other Greek versions of the Old Testament, most of which did not survive except as … That’s clearly the view of Jesus and His Apostles, since they don’t feel tied to a single translation or version. And it’s clearly the view of the Church: She’s willing to use translations, even by heretics — to the disgust of Jerome, as I noted this morning — if it’s a more accurate version.

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