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300-450 yards. PIN this pattern to your Pinterest boards for later HERE. Star Shaped Lovey Blanket: So elegant, sophisticated, and sweet. Indisputably, crocheting is the best way to make a cute baby lovey for your child to enjoy. And, it may be because a special friend of mine just had her second baby! The original pattern and the photos are available on Ravelry here: Info about this version by Heather (heatherjworsley) and the photos are on Ravelry here. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a7afba60491fe83ac7c534deed3755c7" );document.getElementById("bdb1b54f6f").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Free crochet pattern. The Cuddliest Crochet Bear Lovey by Ashleigh Kiser of Sewrella. This adorable Sleepy Bunny Lovey Crochet Pattern Free is a plush toy and security blanket all in one. And, of course, I’m a big cat lover! Choose from … This idea is lovely and simple – make simple granny square blankie and add cute amigurumi bunny in the center. This sweet crochet lovey will keep making your little bundle of joy smile day after day, without a doubt. I won’t bore y’all with a lot of talking and get right into all the FREE (did I mention that all of these patterns are FREE patterns?!) Petunia The Panda Lovey Free Crochet Pattern Petunia evidently wants to cuddle! Find free crochet patterns for stuffed animals of all shapes and sizes in this awesome list! Round 1: Using Fable Fur and 5.5mm hook, make a MC and SC 6 into the MC. Here this blanket also comes in chic white appeal and also with a slight mix light yellow and hence gets a charming hue! The shop also maintains a 5-star rating and those that have purchased the patterns say they are easy to follow and well written. This quick to make lovey baby blanket is easy to crochet and is the perfect gift for a baby shower. I just love the idea of loveys because it gives the baby something that they can hold and snuggle and that they will use time and time again as they get older. Right now, I think my favorite thing to make is baby stuff and loveys are at the top of my list! I made a special blanket for her little boy, which you can find here. But this pattern is REALLY a gateway to creativity. Feel free to mix and match colors how ever you wish to make it more suitable for the baby in your life. (Click on the pictures to take you to the pattern) I’ll start with a couple from Sewrella. This puppy is also made in my favorite color….purple! Super Toilet Set, hedgehog puppets, Bedroom Carpet – Crochet Free Patterns. Of course, this bunny lovey looks so soft and squishy! It’s finished off with single crochet stitches. Cuddle Bunny Blanket by Lion Brand Yarn (requires free registration and login) 5. I haven’t made either of these loveys, yet! Crochet Lovey Patterns. Full pattern has over 50 pictures. Whether you call it a lovey, a security blanket or a comforter these tiny blankies are most adored by babies and toddlers around the world. But, I have been looking at them for awhile on my Pinterest and may have to make them sometime soon! 2. See more ideas about crochet lovey, crochet, lovey pattern. This crochet lovey is easy to make. It’s easy and quick to make. Hook sizes are not a must, depending on what size you would like your work you can change up the size of the hook. I love how she incorporated the brighter colors into it. A lovey can be anything that’s safe for a baby or toddler to have at sleep time, crochet will be an ideal choices for us who are crafty and handy. The head of a lovey is usually done in amigurumi, working in the round with small tight stitches. The gorgeous Lovey crochet pattern comes with a lovely amigurumi top with a blanket attached. This cute baby lovey with it adorable owl is absolutely great. May 18, 2018 - Explore Cindy DeRose's board "Free Crochet Lovey Patterns", followed by 5376 people on Pinterest. I’ve made this Elephant lovey in multiple colors just using a worsted weight yarn. The crochet lovey blanket is labored in only one easy sew (study extra about this primary sew under) and has a completed measurement of 14′” x 15″ which suggests you can also make fairly a couple of of those in only a small period of time. These wonders designed by Alanna O’Dea and published on Bella Coco Crochet certainly deserve a place in your repertoire of magic tricks. Pin this post to save for later HERE. There are lots of different baby security blanket crochet patterns to choose from. I definitely need to put these on my list to make sometime in the future. Kitty Love Blankie by Michele Wilcox for Red Heart Yarns. Happy crocheting. This would make a really pretty gift for your little ones in the family. I absolutely love this little lamb lovey! A lovey is a cute blanket combined with a softie, which a child can cuddle or wrap up in. Crochet Lovey Blanket A Bunny To Love: Follow us on Pinterest to get the best free patterns, @2021 - Cuddliest Crochet Bear Lovey by Sewrella: Make a variation on the classic teddy bear with this lovey. ... Directory of Free Crochet Patterns. Crochet Monkey Lovey pattern Granny square. This fast to make lovey child blanket is simple to crochet and is the right present for a child bathe. I love bright colors, so this blue octopus stood out for me. If you have a baby shower on the horizon, this brilliant pattern will come in handy as well! The link for the paid pattern is provided below photo. I hope that this has helped you to find a new project to start! And, look at the little bow detail! There is also a combo pattern with the lovey and a matching amigurumi elephant that is really cute together. Crochet Lovey Elephant Comfort Blanket FREE Pattern: Let your baby cuddle with the sweet elephant yarn friend all over the night with this elephant comfort blanket, the perfect lovey blanket again inspired of a wild animal! Simply swap out colors, change ears and embroidered features and the lovey is easily transformed into a completely different design. Round 9: (SC 1, SCDEC) x 6 (12) Simplicity is always a good idea, even in the colorful, sweet world of patterns for crochet baby loveys. Back loop only technique is an easy and nice way to create ‘lines’ between the rows, but it’s optional and totally up to you! If you need a tasteful baby shower gift, you surely know what to do. Moose Lovey Free Crochet Pattern. Please do not sell, claim my patterns as your own, or use my photos. Seriously, it is one of the most beautiful crochet loveys we have ever seen. Share 0 0. I haven’t made either of these loveys, yet! Crochet Lovey Sample Child Blanket. Read the reviews and get ready to start your next baby lovey blanket crochet project. Choose soft, chunky yarn for a warm blanket or go for something lightweight for spring and summer instead. You’ll enjoy making this as a fun project in itself. All Right Reserved. W e fell head over crochet hook when we discovered these adorable Crochet Lovey Security Blanket Pattern Ideas from Etsy Seller, Tilly Some. I love different shades of blue together! Go one step further with your crochet lovey blanket and try out a different blanket style. This crochet lovey is easy to make. Little Lamb Baby Lovey by Ashleigh Kiser of Sewrella. 5 out of 5 stars (6,244) 6,244 reviews $ 4.99. She has a collection of popular, extremely cute patterns.. For more free designs every day follow us on Facebook and share your ideas and your work on our Facebook group! by Jessy 0 6107. Thus not only will these loveys be an expression of you, but also a wonderful gift for new parents. If you adore crochet and are looking to make a difference in a little one's life, these projects are a fantastic option. Welcome to Free Crochet Pattern Friday! Bunny Lovey by Amy Ramnarine of The Stitchin’ Mommy. This site may contain affiliate links. Free Pattern whistleandivy. Adorable Crochet Lovey Patterns. This charming lady panda is going to become your little ones’ favorite in no time. Features: Granny Square, In-the-round. It really is the case when we say there is something for everyone. Blue is the happiest color from now on! Aug 16, 2019 - Crochet Lovey Baby Calming Security Blanket / Stuffed Animal. Blue Baboo Bear Lovey Free Crochet Pattern. I like mixing the grey and another bright color. Scary nightmares and thunderstorms will be long forgotten when your little one has this lovey in her arms. July 10, 2018 by Bethany 21 Comments. Voila! Crochet Fox Lovey Blanket as a fabulous gift to mom-to-be and a lucky baby. Designed and Developed by, Toy from African Flowers Free Crochet Patterns. Worsted weight yarn. Start with grey yarn. I hope you enjoy these links! You are more than welcome to share and sell your creations made with my patterns, just link them all back to:  and give me credit as the designer: Kylee Keller  It takes a lot of time to make and develop new patterns, please give me credit and link back to my blog accordingly.If y’all have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask as I am always happy to help. Skills: Easy        Designer: LolalsHooked. A great pattern for a crochet elephant lovey as well as some tips to make it easier. These 6 Cute Baby Lovey Blanket Crochet Pattern are paid patterns, but we have lovey blanket free pattern available in case you are looking for free patterns. This week’s FCPF (Free Crochet Pattern Friday) Category is: Crochet Lovies. Bring comfort and security to your little one with one of these adorable crochet lovies! (6) Round 2: (SCINC) x 6 (12) Round 3: (SC, SCINC) x 6 (18) Rounds 4 – 8: SC around (18) – Place safety eyes in Row 4 with 2 sts between them Start adding stuffing, adding a bit more as you work. I love purple and grey together. Easy Amigurumi Heart – Free Crochet Pattern. I actually only used one skein (plus some black scrap yarn for the eyes and nose) to make the whole lovey! This is one of my own patterns. This next lovey is by Loops and Love Crochet. For the first 48 hours of that feature, the PDF to that pattern can be downloaded for free. Crochet Lovey Patterns. It’s using the Starfish stitch in two colors. Free crochet pattern using worsted-weight yarn. Crochet Lovey Pattern Baby Blanket. Today our Crochet Channel is going to share this lovely list of Baby Lovey Blanket Free Crochet Patterns to … You can make classic stuffed animals or loveys (stuffed animals with blankets attached) for children to snuggle with. A lovey is a cute blanket combined with a softie, which a child can cuddle or wrap up in. I’ll start with a couple from Sewrella. Use soft yarn for this project and choose favourite colours! You definitely need a cute baby lovey such as this! 2. These are by Whistle and Ivy, Ok, does it get any cuter than this sweet little pengiun?! We recently shared something similar with our knitters and they loved them. If an elephant isn’t your favorite animal, you can also check out the many other lovey patterns by One and Two Company. Click to Enlarge. Summer Stripes Baby Afghan Free Crochet Pattern, Spring and Easter Wreath Free Crochet Patterns, Winnie the Pooh and Friends Free Crochet Patterns, Valentine’s Day Project Free Crochet Patterns, Mini Dress Keychain Free Crochet Patterns. Each week in the month of October a new pattern will be featured. There is 10 awesome and adorable baby lovey patterns. It helps to support my blog and keep all of my patterns free. Pattern category: Baby Blankets. The blanket at the base of this lovey is really simple, because it uses double crochet stitches and basic formula for flat square. I hope you will enjoy creating something new with me! These Crochet Animal Lovey Blanket Patterns are perfect and will certainly earn you plenty of kudos. 5 out of 5 Stars – Excellent pattern, well written in standard … This crochet lovey pattern is the 3rd featured pattern in the weekly blog hop forPregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month. Free Crochet Lovey Patterns. This could make a great scrap yarn project! Buy ordering supplies through these links, I will receive a small percentage of the sale with no additional cost to you. This blanket… Add this pattern to your Ravelry queue HERE. 30 Free Crochet Lovey Patterns to choose from. By 1 Dog Woof. A toy, blanket, and decorative pillow all in one, these crochet patterns are so much fun to make. I love to create new things whether crochet, knit or jewelry. You have Lovey Bunny– the sweetest gift for a newborn. Crochet Fox Lovey Blanket Free Crochet Pattern & Paid. They are also perfect baby shower gifts to make. Indisputably, crocheting is the best way to make a cute baby lovey for your child to enjoy. The full article about this pattern is here: This version of Victoria Stewart’s pattern is undoubtedly stunning! (Click on the pictures to take you to the pattern). I have wanted to make one in the past and this one is so cute! The Foxy Fox Lovey was created to match the 3in1 Woodland Fox Baby Blanket which I also share below. Teddy Bear Crochet Baby Lovey Pattern. and I'm the Okie behind Okie Girl Bling'n'Things. Learn how to make this adorable southwestern-style crochet serape lovey, featuring a cute crochet coyote on top! 3. The color work on these 2 loveys is just gorgeous! There are adorable kitties, hippos, and more. My favorite color is purple and I have a big sweet tooth. Pocket Shawl 10+ Best Free Crochet Patterns, Headband with Flower Free Crochet Patterns. It’s meant to be a springboard for all your crochet lovey creations! This ch 3 acts as the first dc of a dc cluster/shell (for this round and the rest of the pattern). Indeed, this wise bird will watch over your child as she goes to sleep. From shop oneandtwocompany. But, I have been looking at them for awhile on my Pinterest and may have to make them sometime soon! I think they make wonderful keepsakes! Subscribe to our mailing list and receive the most interesting free crochet ideas! Level: upper beginner Author: Crochet 365 Knit Too Lovey Crochet Pattern - Elephant PDF Security Blanket - Tutorial Digital Download DIY - Elephant Lovey - Baby Toy - Dou Dou oneandtwocompany. 4. … Of course, using crochet as your technique, you impart all of the versatility … This crochet lovey blanket is sure to delight any small child. Thank you so much for supporting my blog. Of course, using crochet as your technique, you impart all of the versatility and customizability of crocheting onto the project. This serape crochet lovey is a modern take on a classic baby toy. The crochet lovey blanket is worked in just one simple stitch (learn more about this basic stitch below) and has a finished size of 14′” x 15″ which means you can make quite a few of these in just a small amount of time. Rnd 1: ch 3 to start the round. This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download a blunt yarn needle is also needed to attach peices. I love how the back of it’s little head is textured to replicate the wool. See more ideas about crochet lovey, lovey pattern, free crochet. Foundation ring: ch 5 and join with a sl st to the 5 th ch from hook to form a ring. I’ve never made a giraffe lovey, yet. Materials:-Worsted weight yarn (I used Vanna’s Choice in toffee, honey, a small amount of black, white, dusty blue, and kelly green)-Size G 4mm crochet hook-Tapestry needle-Small amount of Polyfil stuffing. One is a pattern that I have already designed and the other is a new pattern that will be coming soon! Crochet Owl Lovey Free Pattern – My Baby Cuddle Owl Lovey Head:. 6. I’m currently working on 2 baby loveys. Serape Crochet Lovey – Crochet Pattern.

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