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Materials are shipped bulked 18 to 24 tons throughout California. Very professional and polite people. Gave my dogs treats. .col-md-6 { background: rgba(49, 163, 221, 0.5); people and pets from walking through certain areas like median islands in parking lots as no one likes to walk on material that large. It takes research to find the best boulders for the best possible price. Ben is very professional and easy to work with. Boulders and Rip Rap. Call us: (951) 210-0616 or (951) 239-1566. } #weblizar_1307 .b-link-stroke .b-top-line{ I knew nothing about buying landscaping granite so I read many different companies' reviews. Call 602-569-3000. They can be used to improve the aesthetics, safety, and function of certain areas in a landscape. The driver they sent out Sherm was super helpful and polite. .col-md-3 { #weblizar_1344 .b-link-stroke .b-bottom-line{ { Brown Creek Boulders $ 194 / ton Colorado Boulders $ 263 / ton Moss Boulders – small $ 165 / ton Moss Boulders – medium $ 165 / ton Moss Boulders – large $ 165 / ton Moss Boulders – bulk $ 165 / ton Centerpiece boulders (usually larger in size): These add beauty to the landscape while making very efficient use of the space. font-family:Oswald !important; // real name pass here #weblizar_1344 .b-link-flow .b-wrapper,#weblizar_1344 .b-link-flow .b-top-line{ #weblizar_1307 .fa{ } } #weblizar_1307 .b-link-apart-vertical .b-bottom-line,#weblizar_1307 .b-link-apart-vertical .b-bottom-line-up{ Boulders can be implemented for visual appeal or for a functional purpose. $36.96 Per Yard. color:#FFFFFF !important; Boulder Functions – Before you can begin to consider boulder sizes or where to purchase them, you need to think about why you would like to include them in your landscape and what purpose they will serve. Wow! } border-bottom: none; } The possibilities are endless and each one is uniquely beautiful. Decorative Landscaping Materials Artificial Grass. } background: rgba(49, 163, 221, 0.5); We re-stock our boulder yard with 1-3 new truckloads of yardstock daily from our sites in Congress, AZ. color:#FFFFFF !important; Landscape Boulders & Outcroppings. It is popular to place boulders throughout your landscape to give contrast to the delicacy of a flower garden or other landscaped area. width: 49.97% !important; width: 24.90% !important; } background: rgba(49, 163, 221, 0.5); His delivery guys were able to back up into a narrow, heavily wooded area to drop the materials, and they did it with skill and smiles. color:#000000 !important; Need a TON of Boulders or Flagstone for Your Landscape Project! I called All Rock in Chandler to get a quote for 80 river rocks for my daughter’s school’s third grade project. font-size:16px; margin-top: 5px; Good job Ben sending out responsible delivery guy to my house. MI Boulders (Buy in Bulk and SAVE MONEY!) We can deliver Landscaping Materials like Long Island Boulders, Rocks and Stones to Suffolk County, Nassau County, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. Landscape Boulders Florida - limestone boulders - Coral Boulders - We specialize in hauling boulders. The large landscape rocks can be placed in such a way that they can be used as sitting areas, or to mark different areas of your property. } Boulders Color Gravel Flagstone. The sheer, rugged beauty of these medium to large sized rocks can take your landscape design from good to great. #weblizar_1307 a{ Rip Rap is a rougher and larger sized rock ranging between 4”-8”. They come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Please contact us for more information. Large boulders near access points such as play areas, parking areas or walkways can act as immovable sentries to provide a safety boundary to prevent a vehicle from going where it is not wanted. } families: ['Oswald'] // saved value Nonetheless, we of course have a few pointers when it comes to actually purchasing new landscape boulders. #weblizar_1307 .rpgp-footer-label{ WebFont.load({ font-family:Oswald !important; // real name pass here Use them as accents in landscape or garden beds, borders for ponds and waterfalls. .col-md-3 { Our decorative rocks are available in an assortment of different colors such as Brown, Alandscape and Design 3195 Rochester Road Lakeville, NY 14480 585-346-4358 rip rap. #weblizar_1344 .b-wrapper{ You’ve come to the right place! From the minute I called Ben was kind and easy to work with and when I mentioned what it was for he offered to donate them to the school. Home; Boulders & Granite; Our Services; Before & After Pictures; Galleries; Contractors; FAQs; Contact Us; Call Today: 602-569-3000. } Thank You Ben and your team! background: rgba(49, 163, 221, 0.5); } We're your best source for large boulders in the entire state of Ohio! } } width: 33.30% !important; Our vast resources allows us to supply the finest quality rocks and aggregates in whatever color, texture or quantity you desire. When ordering use the Purchase Order function at checkout and enter ROCK as your payment method. } I talked to Ben at the Chandler (Arizona Ave) location. margin-bottom: 5px; #weblizar_1307 .b-link-stripe .b-line{ margin-bottom: 5px; } background: rgba(49, 163, 221, 0.5); Our two-acre rock yard has something for every taste, and also includes an assortment of the most popular decorative rock granites, rip raps, dirt, top-soil, mulch and sand. Landscape boulders by name A comprehensive listing of the most common boulders sold in the landscaping industry in California, Arizona and Nevada. } 5-15 full trailer loads per week means almost 100 – 300 tons per week goes in and out of the yard-making us the largest local supplier of great looking landscape and water feature boulders. When you come to visit, you’ll see Arizona’s largest inventory of surface select boulders, cherished by landscape designers, architects and contractors alike. Give All Rock Supply a call or stop by one of our rock yards to take a look at our available } #weblizar_1307 .b-link-diagonal .b-line{ You are running a class operation and I will use you for any of my future needs. These large boulders are often used to simply accent an existing landscape. background: rgba(49, 163, 221, 0.5); All Rock Supply carries a plethora of different boulders that vary in size and color. #weblizar_1307 .b-link-fade .b-wrapper,#weblizar_1307 .b-link-fade .b-top-line{ background: rgba(49, 163, 221, 0.5); Contractors Stone Supply provides landscape boulders stone and landscaping supplies you may need and will deliver anywhere in the United States. }. today or stop by one of our rock yards for assistance in selecting the perfect boulder for your project, WebFont.load({ Our Location: 32695 Clinton Keith Rd Wildomar, CA 92595. border-bottom: none; Suitable for commercial or residential projects, Angelo's Supplies/SiteOne can supply everything you need to get the job done. #weblizar_1344 .rpgp-header-label { #weblizar_1344 .b-link-stripe .b-line{ We are not the biggest rock company in Arizona, but we pride ourselves on great customer service and superb value in our inventory. text-align:center; display:none; } After listening to our details, he found exactly what we were looking for and scheduled delivery the next day. We have Arizona’s largest inventory of surface select boulders! Granite Landscape Boulders. font-weight:normal; It is also perfectly suited to discourage Underdog Landscape Supply has been providing Stone and Boulder to customers in the Philadelphia, Conshohocken, Main Line, Chester County, and Eastern Montgomery County areas since 1994. Boulders come in a VAST assortment of sizes, shapes, colors and origins. Get Quote Call (305) 504-8008 WhatsApp (305) 504-8008 Message (305) 504-8008 Contact Us Find Table Make Appointment Place Order View Menu. Take a tour of our yard. Just as walls and fences serve as deterrents for unwanted intruders, so do security boulders. Michigan Stone 2″ to 4″ This washed stone is commonly used as a stone mulch in plant beds and around trees and shrubs. Landscape boulders are popularly used to build a natural look that seamlessly integrates with the terrain beyond the boundaries of properties. Boulders are used for rock gardens, large rock walls, retaining walls, sculptural placement rocks, water gardens, and more! } Opening at 7:00 AM tomorrow. We’ve got Hampton Roads’ best selection of large landscaping boulders… Conveniently located in Hampton just minutes from Newport News, Norfolk, Suffolk, Williamsburg and more… Boulders are vital elements in any landscaping project. Boulders for other regions can be found here on the web pages for those states. Decorative Rock or crushed granite is sized 1” or less and is perfect for use in hardscape projects that require the use of smaller stones. Give us a call Landscape Boulders; Boulders | Cobble | Rubble Not many landscaping accents are as powerful as a well-placed landscape boulder. Whether you are looking for the Decorative Rock Phoenix AZ homeowners want for their yard or walkway project, Lava Rock for a gas BBQ or outdoor fire pit, Rip Rap for erosion control, or Boulders as larger yard accents, All Rock Supply has landscape rocks and boulders suitable for any project. Landscape Boulders are one of the cornerstones of landscape design. Natural stone boulders are one of the most durable and beautiful accents to your landscaping. } #weblizar_1344 .b-link-apart-horisontal .b-top-line,#weblizar_1344 .b-link-apart-horisontal .b-top-line-up{ background: rgba(49, 163, 221, 0.5); Testimonials. background: rgba(49, 163, 221, 0.5); } Bark & Woodchips Products. background: rgba(49, 163, 221, 0.5); #weblizar_1344 .rpgp-footer-label{ #weblizar_1307 .rpgp-footer-label{ Strategically build them into patios, or use them to build retaining walls! Boulders are large landscape rocks that are at least a foot across. } } Wish there was a higher rating than five stars because everyone here is exceptional! At West Valley Rock, it is our goal to provide you with an extensive range of superior landscaping and hardscaping products to suit all your landscape material needs. Boulders are vital elements in any landscaping project. Long Island Landscape Boulders also comes in different sizes and colors in the range of brown, tan, off white, light and dark grey. Landscape Rocks and Boulders are a low maintenance and cost effective method of spicing up any landscaping project. The Stone Store has one of the most unique and complete selections of boulders in the market. If you have questions or would like to place an order for delivery, give Angelo's a call! Unlike countertops or cabinets, there is not an endless supply of landscaping boulder manufacturers near you. We not only sell the big ol' boulders, but we have an awesome selection of small boulders and rocks as well. } #weblizar_1344 .b-link-box .b-bottom-line{ } background: rgba(49, 163, 221, 0.5); } .col-md-6 { background: rgba(49, 163, 221, 0.5); #weblizar_1307 .b-link-flow .b-wrapper,#weblizar_1307 .b-link-flow .b-top-line{ If you're looking for quality boulders & outcroppings at affordable prices, you've come to the right place. width: 49.97% !important; #weblizar_1344 .rpgp-footer-label{ color:#FFFFFF !important; } #weblizar_1344 .b-link-box .b-top-line{ background: rgba(49, 163, 221, 0.5); The most common application of rocks and boulders is in the construction of retaining walls, pathways, rock gardens, and water features. Send Us A Message. Here you will find granite boulders for your outdoor patio or walkway. They showed up when they said they would. Landscape Boulders and Ledgestones Available in a Variety of Sizes Our landscape boulders and landscape ledgestones come in various shapes, colors, and sizes. When I arrived to pick up the rocks, they weren’t just a pile of rejected rocks that no one would want, no sir, instead Ben went out of his way and together we handpicked 80 of the most perfect river rocks for the project. } background: rgba(49, 163, 221, 0.5); text-align:center; @media (min-width: 992px){ color:#000000 !important; font-family:Oswald; // real name pass here #weblizar_1307 .b-link-apart-vertical .b-top-line,#weblizar_1307 .b-link-apart-vertical .b-top-line-up{ #weblizar_1344 .fa{ This is the most popular landscape stone we carry. They provide a wonderful sense of permanence, and years of carefree enjoyment. Our boulders range from sizes that a person can maneuver, to extremely large pieces that can only be moved by machine. #weblizar_1344 a{ #weblizar_1344 .b-link-diagonal .b-line{ font-family:Oswald; // real name pass here Landscaping Boulders, Pavers, Flagstones and Rocks from Tri County Landscape Supply for landscaping projects in Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties. Truly a great experience all the way around! 8 months ago Cant believe how fast the delivery was for the bulders i ordered from Mike. They can be used to improve the aesthetics, safety, and function of certain areas in a landscape. We have the best quality of product available and specialize in the customers landscaping needs first. The first is round surface stones. background: rgba(49, 163, 221, 0.5); To figure you'll need to know how many and what size of rocks you require. } The Landscape Store offers a huge selection of boulders & outcroppings in the St Paul & Minneapolis MN metro area. Our colorful boulders are some of the nicest in the twin cites. } #weblizar_1307 .b-link-apart-horisontal .b-top-line,#weblizar_1307 .b-link-apart-horisontal .b-top-line-up{ } @media (min-width: 992px){ } google: { They provide natural beauty and functionality in distinctive landscape designs. Give Us a call or stop into one of our 3 rock yards to view or obtain samples of our different types of decorative rocks. $46.96 Per Yard. Home > Rock > Boulders, Landscape > Black Lava Boulders: Black Lava Boulders Central California quarry producing a wide range of materials from rubble to large boulders. Thank you Ben, that couldn't have been easier. Boise, Idaho and Surrounding Areas If you are looking to build a breath-taking residential or commercial landscape, you have come to the right place. Garden Boulders---$180 per ton. Hours Of Operation Mon-Fri 7:00am - 5 pm Saturday 7:00am - 3pm Sunday -Closed … Landscape Rocks and Boulders are a low maintenance and cost effective method of spicing up any landscaping project. At the Landscape Store, you'll find a huge selection of landscape boulders. Contact us. } } We serve both residential and commercial customers, and we deliver! 8” to 16” Michigan Boulders. #weblizar_1344 .b-link-fade .b-wrapper,#weblizar_1344 .b-link-fade .b-top-line{ Want to add some boulders to your next landscape project? color:#FFFFFF !important; Range of Scottish products covers almost every size and we also stock Bright White Boulders, individual Petrified Wood pieces and layered Gneiss Angel Whirlpool products. background: rgba(49, 163, 221, 0.5); Gold, Red, and Pink granites with sizes ranging from ¼” to 1”. background: rgba(49, 163, 221, 0.5);, looking for the Decorative Rock Phoenix AZ homeowners want for their yard. LANDSCAPE BOULDERS. Michigan Boulders. .col-md-4 { $120.00 Per Yard. Due to its large size and rough appearance, rip rap is most commonly used for erosion control in drainage ditches. { Call 937-308-3955 now to get information for your boulder! #weblizar_1344 .b-link-stroke .b-top-line{ display:none; font-weight:normal; margin-top: 5px; There are two basic types of these large landscape rocks. We will bring all our farm's fix-up needs to All Rock because of it! } Truly I was thrilled to meet someone who went so far to help a customer. Talk about exceeding expectations! }, Boulders are a great way to accent any landscape project as they can be placed just about anywhere and are maintenance free. Boulders can make great accents in any landscaping project! Hours Of Operation . } #weblizar_1344 .rpgp-header-label } Got the stone dumped in a tough to reach area with out a problem. Just like landscape boulders, you can also choose to have large landscape rocks to adorn your lawn. Among the largest collection of rounded decorative aggregate products online, including pebbles, cobbles and boulders in almost any size from the smallest 8mm pebble to our largest individual boulders up to a 1000kg in weight. #weblizar_1344 .b-link-apart-horisontal .b-bottom-line,#weblizar_1344 .b-link-apart-horisontal .b-bottom-line-up{ border: 16px solid rgba(49, 163, 221, 0.5); Because Mother Nature designs all of these boulders, you will never find two identical boulders which adds to their individual character and charm. He not only gave us great service and fabulous pricing, but he went above and WAY beyond to help us find immediate placement for our horses too. #weblizar_1344 .b-link-apart-vertical .b-top-line,#weblizar_1344 .b-link-apart-vertical .b-top-line-up{ width: 33.30% !important; google: { LI Boulders for your landscape come in different sizes and shapes, from beige to grey in color. }); width: 24.90% !important; He recommended an extra ton of gravel and it was perfect amount. Need Landscape Boulders? Taking the help of our experts is recommended, as they have the vision and creativity to place the rocks in ways that are best-suited to the landscape. Water Feature Highlights . The second type is known as angular (quarried) stones. I know where I will turn to for my future rock and paver needs. #weblizar_1307 .rpgp-header-label } } Security Boulders, also known as passive barrier boulders, can be your first line of defense when it comes to protecting your home and business from unwanted road traffic. #weblizar_1344 .b-link-apart-vertical .b-bottom-line,#weblizar_1344 .b-link-apart-vertical .b-bottom-line-up{ background: rgba(49, 163, 221, 0.5); .col-md-4 { $.09 Per lb. } Boulders can seriously upgrade the appearance of the water features in your landscape.

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