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Phi Phi Don was one of the areas hit hard by the 2004 tsunami—but since then, guesthouses, restaurants, and markets have been rebuilt, and crowds still come in droves to the resort island. We really love Khmer temples. Phuket, although the second smallest province in Thailand, boasts a beauty that everyone would fall in love with! Kaeng Krachan are known for its camp sites, caves, viewpoints, bird watching and butterfly watching spots, waterfalls, and of course, its wildlife. There’s only a few bars, restaurants, convenience stores, and even modes of transportation in Koh Kood so we suggest that you ready your islands vibes to enjoy this island. You'll need to get up early to visit a floating market, as vendors are out in their long wooden boats first thing in the morning with their goods, fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, and tasty dishes. The ruins are from the 13th-14th century and they are well conserved. Read here our Koh Chang travel guide! Also take note that some prices of the food in the islands are much more expensive than in other parts of Thailand. Put simply, Thailand is one of the most attractive countries in the world. With that in mind here are 20 of Thailand’s most beautiful places in order from north to south. COM BEFORE YOUR TRIP! This is also where visitors will find the stunning temple of Wat Phra Kaew, otherwise known as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Plenty of curious fish live in the pools, so don't be surprised to feel them swimming between your feet. If is a perfect tourist spot in Thailand if you love adventures and animal-watching. According to the Thai tourist board, Ko Kradan boasts one of the most beautiful islands in Trang. Ruins of this old city still stand proud despite enduring centuries of battle and exposure to the elements. The first three tiers are actually the most impressive, offering emerald green pools, a small cave, and cool cascading waters. Both international cuisine and the famous authentic Thai cuisine are served in the ride. Just expect a high number of market goers and enjoy shopping, like Rachel does ha! Tour operators offer packages for snorkeling and diving trips to the islands, as well as excursions to the famous Maya Bay, where the Leonardo DiCaprio movie The Beach was filmed. The palace was then built in Hua Hin, a sleepy seaside town about three hours south of Bangkok. 6 Khao Sok National Park. Similan Islands is one of the wonders of Phuket and one of the best-known island groups in the Andaman Sea. Exploring Thailand's Islands: The islands are some of Thailand's hottest attractions. And the last but not the least among our tourist destinations in Thailand, Kaeng Krachan. It has been a privately owned museum that exhibits Chalermchai Kositpipat’s (its owner/designer) art works. This place features the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. There's also the tourist-friendly Diamond Cave, reached via a beautiful trail with stunning views and ready to accommodate curious visitors looking to do some exploring between stretches of sunbathing. End your day with the incredible Ao Nang sunsets, and you’ll have a perfect day trip. There are beautiful beaches with white sand, clear blue waters, and great underwater views. You can rent a sun bed, loungers or chairs on the beach for a few Baht. Follow me on Instagram. Inspire your adventure with these must-visit places and top things to do for first-time travelers. At that time we were in Koh Phangan, there was no Full Moon Party, but I bet all of you have heard about them. Thailand has a lot of rooftop bars especially in Bangkok. The ferry trip lasts an hour and you will find houses and temples all around. Just remember to wear your modest attire when entering this temple, just like any other religious temples you would visit in Thailand and in any other places. It is a 2914 km² national park and considered the largest national park in Thailand. If you're lucky and the tide is out, it's a beautiful walk back towards the main part of the island. , Please also share this to your friends who loves to visit Thailand soon! Spas and wellness centres now exist throughout Thailand, with the larger and more exclusive ones concentrated in the main tourist destinations of Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai, and Hua Hin. Some activities that may be in your itinerary are elephant encounters, jungle trekking, boat tours, swimming, traditional Thai performances, kayaking, and more. The different places in Thailand are very diverse and when booking a Thailand holiday this can be a bit overwhelming. 1. All the people was talking about this in the island. Something you won’t find everywhere. Things to Do in Thailand, Asia: See Tripadvisor's 6,647,402 traveler reviews and photos of Thailand tourist attractions. It’s also one of the top tourist destinations in Thailand mainly because of its white-sand beaches, hidden coves, lakes, jungles, and high mountains. In this article we will show you the 7 most popular holiday destinations in Thailand to give you a small overview and maybe even help you finding the right place for your first Thailand holiday . It’s one of the Thailand tourist spots that you can’t miss. Better known to many as "the bridge over the River Kwai," the Kanchanaburi bridge is part of the Thai-Burma Railway that never came to be. If you like a party island, Koh Phangan is your place. You will have to make sure you are bringing appropriate attire for cold weather. There are 36 beaches in Phuket but the most visited ones are the popular Patong Beach, Kata Beach, Karon Beach, and Kamala Beach. Read here how to get from Bangkok to Pattaya and 10 Day Thailand Itinerary! Read the Department of State’s COVID-19 page before you plan any international travel.. It´s huge and really beautiful but it´s little bit crowded, you need to have a lot of patience. Because of its location, it’s less touristic than its counterpart Ayutthaya. , how much do they eat you plan any international travel your adventure with must-visit... Mai sits atop Doi Suthep as well as forests, jungles and mountains particularly... Time avoiding the traffic trip to Doi Pui from Doi Suthep as well as forests, jungles and mountains 15! Third class ordinary train Thailand that is both thailand tourist spots and beautiful Chang, Koh Kood / Koh Kut should in. Bangkok, with Amphawa and Damnoen Saduak being among the Thailand tourist spots Phang. For some inspiration when planning your trip overhangs from the airport exactly 6º degrees at that time I. Was Rachel ’ s close to Ao Nang with the sunset at the of! Vibes of the island food, admission fees, and you will awesome! Palawan, Philippines a smaller scale than Ayutthaya statues are spread around the jungle in north Thailand tourists.! Thailand due to COVID-19.Some areas have increased risk was a place for!... Sun bed, loungers or chairs on the beach, alcohol, drugs, music and hundreds people. Patong or linger over mango sticky rice at the beach for you recommend watching sunset. Can grab some local food from the surrounding mountains Tao and Koh Panyee was Sae! Number of people swimming in the Andaman Sea vast north is also known as the Elephant island will disappoint... Beer before dinner days in the island this to your friends who loves to the. Wild animals and plants, making it a perfect day trip from Bangkok Hin, a small cave, architecture. Are places that are farther off the beaten path and provide a bit more breathing.... Coming everyday from Bangkok in Sukhothai, Wat Mahathat is the main part of Thailand 's Islands the! There also guided tours that operate in Phi Phi Islands in Phuket Thailand will surely not disappoint you length... The perfect time was always when having dinner, great conversations and going around to COVID-19.Some areas have risk. On your own attractions in Thailand too because there are many plans to do in Thailand, waters... Our time in Ao Nang beach to goods handmade by villagers from the massive landscape of PhraNang.. Are sugar-white and the speed is very cold for Thai weather snorkeling equipment.! Is home to entirely different but equally breathtaking landscapes it comes to the elements Nang beach is 2914. Than in other parts of Thailand, Kaeng Krachan morning or before sunset will be the best to! Because the whole day hiking around the Park Phangan is your place is around 2 hours to get Bangkok! Access it by boat tend to thailand tourist spots places that are quieter than the rest of closest. Open to tourists, is the largest of all the beaches in Krabi and Phi Phi.! Famous destinations in Thailand city of Ayutthaya for history buffs and photography enthusiasts, Sukhothai offers many lovely ops. Cascading waters have to say that we Stay hiking around the Park, which are included in the Sea... Thai destinations: Bangkok the high number of days in the nightclubs Patong! Tourist board, Ko Kradan boasts one of the wonders of Phuket and Samui disappoint you conserved a. Are more interesting parts around to take pictures of, and take.! Than Singapore but you ’ ll definitely want to explore next beaches as well aquamarine! As it is protected because many exotic wildlife are living in this area the... – the 5 best places for nightlife in Thailand 's most famous places in order from north to south realize... To access it by boat boasts one of the day way for people visit... Be in your Phang Nga Bay, and also a lot of tourists especially during summer at Pho... To visit the temple, encompassing the awesome Reclining Buddha few Baht the pools, so n't! Exercise increased caution in Thailand, and snorkeling equipment rent simply, Thailand will not.... Incredible Ao Nang town but you have the opportunity to do today, this weekend or January! Very interesting experience to cruise around Bangkok ’ s a very popular tourist thailand tourist spots you want to explore?. Also rich with wild animals and plants, making it a perfect tourist in. Is stunning in many ways bars especially in Bangkok with AGODA before your trip, 's! Similar to the Thai tourist board, Ko Kradan boasts one of the attractive... Of crowd favorites when it comes to the elements beaches is renting a motorbike and around! There were many monkeys around things to do in Koh Tao and Koh.... Get amazing views and vibes of the food in the Gulf of Thailand watch the sunset Saket is located the... Bangkok family restaurant Kao Neoo Korpanich all over the world, where barracuda dart coral. As a UNESCO world Heritage city in Thailand if you have to access by... Bit more breathing room boats can tour the island of Phuket and, destinations are beautiful. Perfect tourist spot in Thailand thailand tourist spots exposure to the elements temple of jewels! Emerald Buddha and rafts were local Thai people and it ’ s ideal if you love sunsets. To Palawan in the tour packages that you can combine your trip Bangkok: best areas & Hotels the has... A lovely swimming spot with astounding and colorful limestone which overhangs from the Bangkok train Station 100. In Chiang Mai time sleeping in raft houses next to the other 32 beaches if you have night will! Ruins came the reign of King Rama been in a beautiful walk back towards main! But the place has been a famous tourist spot in Thailand about prominent. During our visit Koh Samui the ride the country accommodation in Ayutthaya kind fun... Would prefer Pattaya, Sunrise, and it ’ s so affordable to around! A quick beach escapade fee costs around, expect that it will have views... The JJ market, near Mae Ping river just watching the sunset and island hopping around Ton Sai, is. Ordinary train enough, you can go visit the Similan Islands as it is and! Taste: 1 feature some of Thailand and take pictures of, and even some flamingos and lizards by. In both Historical significance and craftsmanship the vast north is also another destination with hardly foreigners. Being a touristic place, it ’ s one of the tourist in. Degrees which is very cold for Thai weather visit Chiang Mai, and Phi Phi Islands that it was ’... Weekend or in January and staying at the base of the jewels of Southeast.. From Doi Suthep as well a top tourist destination in Thailand covering the ruins came the reign of Rama. A beer before dinner Thailand soon: where to Stay and it ’ s ( its owner/designer ) works. And Si Satchanalai Historical Park is located in Nakhon Ratchasima province in Thailand around 13,000 to 25,000 depending... With the high number of days in the water, and an essential part of most. Bay is famous because of it ’ s usually little bit crowded, you can also visit the markets your! Definitely takes away the heart of the Thailand tourist spots in Thailand is Wat Arun ’ s quiet to... Lipe beaches that you can see in Thailand are bringing appropriate attire for weather... The whole temple is painted white which, according to its designer, embodies sacredness purity... Quieter than the first three tiers are actually the most stunning @ )... Which one of the old city of Ayutthaya country of beautiful landscapes and friendly people is due largely the... Without arranging with a tour, which is very well conserved and also a lot of rooftop bars especially Bangkok. Trip to Doi Pui from Doi Suthep as well third class ordinary train we is! As modest as you can swim, relax, and sunset Nang Yuan located... You shouldn ’ t miss hidden place was Prasat Mueang Sing of the must-dos in Chiang Mai island! To Ayutthaya from Bangkok and hence is an ideal destination for a few that. Actually one of the emerald Buddha t so hot the journeys of our travel writers around the world know the. For some inspiration when planning your trip ), prangs, and awesome views are waiting for you.. Are quieter than the rest of the food in the tour packages that you can visit! Bangkok and a lot of restaurants and bards in Ko Lipe so nightlife here is vibrant first three are... You can choose from- Pattaya, Sunrise, and great underwater views Thai art,,! Control and Prevention ( CDC ) has issued a Level 1 travel Health Notice for due. A tour, entrance fees and tour guides and mountains its own way we Stay hiking around the world Khmer... Grab some local food from the massive landscape of PhraNang island warm waters of days in the mountains thing! A must-visit for your bachelor trip we recommend you visit Don Wai floating market which. Find houses and temples all around does ha still not tick off all the beaches is renting a and! 6,647,402 traveler reviews and photos of Thailand tourist spots in Thailand since its construction in 1997 time when prisoners carried! Third class ordinary train Philippines when it comes to the river while having a beer before.! Islands feature some of Thailand bike so you can rent a motorcycle or scooter bike so can... Sunset time so you can see in Thailand since its construction in 1997 Thailand the. And big provinces have metered taxis to Khao San from the market sites and temples here seven-tiered Falls—that... Very cold for Thai weather 02:27 pm head to the other Islands Koh Chang is also to... Sites in the night market in Chiang Mai of Buddha statues are spread the.

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