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No I don't so don't expect an answer..You're THE BEST Allie!P/s : Is ice cream cake an ice cream or a cake? Aug 13, 2013 - Explore MaryAnn Lemon's board "Hyperbole and a Half" on Pinterest. I frickin' love pie. You want anything fancy you're looking at $6+)Pie, however, probably because it is not something typically served at a wedding, can be obtained for as little as $1.25 a sliceBRILLIANT! I think I love you. I'd wager that 95% of cakes are in one of two flavors -- vanilla and chocolate, and the icing is similarly limited. Hyperbole and A Half is a blog written by a 20-something American girl called Allie Brosh. Comedian Paul F Tompkins has been doing a Cake VS Pie bit for a while now. Pie's biggest advantage is its flexibility. i completely agree with the superiority of pie over cake any ol' day. Allie Brosh: "Hyperbole and a Half" - Talks at Google. we HAVE a cake/pie hybrid in the UK. In fact, you used this whole post to complain about cake. That's a lot harder to do with cake. At least, sugary frosting. Maybe someone mentioned this already I don't know and I'm too lazy to check, but this cake v. pie debate is certainly more detailed than originally thought.http://jezebel.com/5496714/march-madness-the-cake-vs-pie-tournament. And now I really want pumpkin pie.I'm pretty sure your website is the greatest thing on the internet. But it is too easy to get caught up in the idea of cake. This reminds me of my body and it's inability to digest regular cake without going into an intestinal death fit of vili killing revenge pain. Juan Carlos: Well, duh, what other logical conclusion could you come up with other than a hybrid of cake and pie?? Mad Over Donuts. They're versatile in terms of baker creativity (may not be culinary creativity)A cake is nearly always the chosen dessert compared to a sweet, throat dehydrating mince pie. Well done. Pie is TOTALLY a birthday food. My fiancé is having Groom's Pie at our wedding instead of Groom's Cake. All wars can be solved with a slice of cake, right?-Miss Mayhem. Am I alone in my frosting dislike? Pie > Cake, but Cupcakes > Pie (just my opinion). And then... this.I am sorry... but cake rules. So I'm not quite sure how I feel now. While I prefer pie to cake, I must point out that there are several kinds of cake, some more delicious than others, and various shapes, sizes and indeed basic designs. This might stem from the fact that I hate icing (unless it's cream cheese) and that the crust is my FAVE part of the pie. Cake is appropriate in a very limited number of situations, whereas almost any day is a great day to have pie. Cake is something that everyone likes (except us). Nearly any fruit is good in pie.Don't like fruit? i'm gonna be switzerland on this issue. I want CAKE for my birthday. Pies are for eating, period.Pies are also more likely to suck than cakes, because they take more skill. The first picture shows us a circular pie AND a circular cake. Best post I've seen in ages! Each story of her life brings in a funny perspective that will have you wanting more. Cookies. Or Christmas relevance?Oh and P.S. Dramatic Reading of A Real Breakup Letter, Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. Tremble as I devour your points like morsels of tasty, tasty cake.1) Even your graph admits cake tastes better right off the bat. 2 Tier Cupcake Stand. I did not interact with Richard. It makes me nervous. I'm odd, I know. As in number 4 where you can have a pie chart but no cake chart, for number 5, society has "birthday cake", but there is no "birthday pie." I had tasted cake and there was no going back. Interesting, but how does that hold up to cupcakes? etc. Awesome awesome awesome. I would eat all of the cake or I would evaporate from the sheer power of my desire to eat it. I might have argued with you, but the illustrations make it clear that you have a point. Well you started this off with a lie. Even if we restrict pies to dessert pies, they can be lemon, cherry, apple, blueberry, blackberry, pecan, coconut, peanut butter... almost anything (strangely barring grape and most citrus).The cake's advantage is artistic. I suppose it's the same as the cheesecake question. Even if you are having a pie for your birthday, you would say "My birthday cake is a pie this year." Have you ever heard of a chicken pot cake? But, I think we both agree that cake and pie are both amazing.And I make an awesome wild blueberry pie. Pie, however, can be sweet, sour, or savory. That could happen. Just thought you would enjoy this! Stuck for a dessert to wow the dinner party? Pie is totally appropriate for all occasions! It's just not humanly possible.2)True, pie has no frosting. Alright, disclaimer time: I have never owned one of these - but I do remember it from a TV show that I watched when I was stuck in Bismark, ND on a business trip...Your last pie drawing totally looks like "My Therapy Buddy." These lapses have obviously, by looking at the above comments, influenced the less cultured peoples into believing there is still a way that any dessert item could be better than pie.First, and most importantly, your study failed to determine the throwability factor. Then I saw that there is a new Hyperbole and a Half post and I perked up. FROM THE PUBLISHER: Every time Allie Brosh posts something new on her hugely popular blog Hyperbole and a Half the internet rejoices. Like have you ever had FUNFETTI? it too is clearly better than standard cake, yet can we really consider it a cake just because it is named as thus? My friend, Duncan (and his Mom and Dad, Mr&Mrs Hines) have opposing scientific evidence. Hyperbole and a Half: The God of Cake. Jacquie, Chart #3 reminds me of when my son was in pre-school and a student brought birthday cupcakes to the class. It can be a tart, a quiche, a cheesecake (which is really a custard pie), or even a pizza pie! I am also sure it was hilarious, however. you would amend you post to say "that fucking awesome cake that rebekah sent me = pie." Because I'll bite you if you are. For the first time ever, listen to dramatic Hyperbole and a Half audio! QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!4) I suppose you've never seen a circular cake, which can be cut into PIE-LIKE SECTIONS? To be honest, I'm super jealous because I wish I had thought of a post like this for my pie blog... for some less funny and less awesome, but somewhat interesting pie talk - visit http://www.makemesomepie.com. Pie is relevant in a greater variety of situations: 6. 4,7 von 5 Sternen 3.914. I also took the liberty suggesting ways to incorporate more pie into your blog. Next year, I want a birthday pie. And things in miniature are better. It's a very weird Mayberry meets mayhem phenomenon, and I'm not sure how to handle it because I really prefer ice cream. Although the pie chart always works, I do think you preclude the possibility of a round cake chart. Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened Alexandra Brosh. Related posts: Moscato D Asti Cupcake. 'go take a shower.' You left the crust part on the pie in the last picture.If you could make the crust out of frosting, then I think you're onto something. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Hyperbole and a Half: The God of Cake. That bit about the frosting rose made me snort. And that stinks. The One. He stood in his driveway for a minute or two and then went back into his house. Plus I've never had a birthday pie (not even a birthday cake) so could you please make me one? Allie. i get excited about dessert. They are just ice cream or cookie with frosting & cake-style embellishments. I'm on Team Pie. it's called a Mr Kipling Bakewell Tars. I've also never seen a cupcake chart. My mom baked the most fantastic cake for my grandfather's 73rd birthday party. Hmmmm...Nope. i feel stabby!!" THANKSGIVING! You explain it again, hoping they’ll try a less hope-centric approach, but re-explaining your total inability to experience joy inevitably sounds kind of negative, like maybe you WANT to be depressed… Your best post yet! Better be made of graham cracker crumbs. Sorry, I was just so, er...enthusiastic. I don't really like pie. Frosting is icky. In fact there are ice cream cakes! For his 11th birthday, I gave him a rolling pin and his friends came over and we all made pies. This is surely scientific evidence of the superiority of pie. I actually like cake a lot better. Birthdays happen ALL YEAR ROUND! Jun 27, 2014 - "Maybe everything isn't hopeless bullshit" - Allie. Unfortunately my lady friend can attest that I still act much the same way around cake. There's no such thing as cake chart. Hyperbole and a Half gave me a new appreciation for what a depressed person is feeling and not feeling, and what’s helpful and not helpful. Muffins vs. Cupcakes, Tea vs. Coffee, etc) I will be linking back to your findings. I stumbled across your blog today, and i have been reading for hours; thinking YOU ARE JUST LIKE ME! In fact, almost never. OMG this is so true. Spiders are Scary. Don't believe me? Do you bring cake? Cheesecake is really pie.So pie > cake.End. It was a faulty argument.4)I realize that chocolate birthday exists. Also MODG has a point, I have never seen funfetti pie. isn't that how the saying goes?love the blog. I'd wager that 95% of cakes are in one of two flavors -- vanilla and chocolate, and the icing is similarly limited. Pie is more scientifically versatile: 5. Except, of course, if we're talking ice cream cakes.Could you maybe do a comparative analysis of ice cream cake versus regular cake? !Cool beans. 6 Fake Advertisements Based on Real Products. I actually like the crust! Touching, absurd, and darkly comic, Allie Brosh's highly anticipated book Hyperbole and a Half showcases her unique voice, leaping wit, and her ability to … I just ate ice cream cake inside a pie crust. Sorry I have to disagree with point 5.Pie is relevant in a greater variety of situations:Birthday cake has to win over Birthday pie - giving it a draw is almost as insulting as a Michael Moore documentary - good points in favour but no balance, which only serves to undermine the argument.I'll give you Halloween - Pumpkin Pie coming to your rescueBut what skewed alternative universe logic gives Christmas Pie a win over Christmas Cake - you might not actually like Christmas Cake but to deny it's place is unfair. It's ALWAYS someone's birthday!6) Alright, I can't find a way to spin diabetes as a positive, so I'll give you this one. Hmm, I dunno. I hope that's okay. You don't have a category devoted completely to "frosting" and "lacking frosting," where, of course, cake would come out on top.I feel the cake has been short changed here. I meant that your idea of eating a little cake and coming back later was faulty.2) You're right, ice cream can be eaten with cake. Its my birthday and I went on earlier hoping you had made a new post and now you have about birthday cake! Brava! In essence, cake is more versatile, both for good and for bad. Does that count as cake-relevance? Epic Half Drip Cake Tutorial- Rosie's Dessert Spot. Um so I have something to say to all you supposed "cupcake" lovers out there. But here's a question Allie: what the eff is Halloween pie? My apologies to all if the universe should explode as a result of this. i thought of one more thing.If someone handed you an apple or a piece of warm sugar chocolate bread...which do you want?fucking NO you don't want that apple! Pie is number one for sure. Pretty sure cupcakes trump everything...but I may have to do additional research to make sure. Plus, you can't have your cake and eat it too, but I bet you CAN have your pie and eat it too. I must disagree, cake is the shiz while pie takes like shiz. Your #4 totally makes sense! I will now eat a piece of pie. I'm pretty much the same. Ice-cream beats cake and pie ANYDAY.WhereForArtThouRomeo. Oh my God, it's heaven on a plate!6)Diabetes sucks. This shits like scientific. Well done. http://caketroll.tumblr.com/. No, cooler! But, it always felt like cheating to me. The enjoyment curve for pie appears to be much more stable over time. See more ideas about Hyperbole and a half, Hyperbole, Bones funny. I mean, who wants the bottom of a cupcake? She tells fantastically funny, wise stories about the mishaps of her everyday life, with titles like 'Why Dogs Don't Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving' and 'The God of Cake'. Cake Pie would be an AWESOME way to go.Kind of like dying during sex.Guaranteed to go with a smile on your face.Except in this case, your smile is crusted over with frosting.AND, you have your clothes on when the medics arrive.Maybe. My tiny body had morphed into a writhing mass of pure tenacity encased in a layer of desperation. Why doesn't a cake chart make any sense? Every time that happened, I felt a special kinship with Bill and I wondered if the scenes that had tickled me were the same ones that had made him explode in an appreciative laugh. Especially blueberry pie. Fruit cake sucks. Pie most definitely wins over cake any day, even on birthdays, I would hazard. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?Pie can have things in it like rhubarb. If your mom makes a great crust, or knows how to make a proper filling (or, be still my heart, BOTH! I now have pie charts and graphs on my side.You have provided a great service to humanity. Pie appears to contain a greater relative volume of enjoyable substances. But, you failed to account for the "melty" factor. i most very definitely remember her pledging that she would post about cake and pie in an armageddon-esque dessert smackdown. You're saying that pie is more enjoyable because cake is TOO TASTY TO STOP? If you'd like to take a look it's here, http://createdbydiane.blogspot.com/2010/03/today-is-pi-day.htmlI'm following and look forward to seeing more of you blog. You forgot another important point. I think you just solved all problems in humanity! Not arguing that one. Or maybe it's melted down mini snickers bars and candy corn? She accompanies these with naive drawings using Paint on her PC. I like to have crumbs on me. This Post is Brought to You by Spiders. Totally deserves it's own comparison. my faith in humanity is restored. You don't love cake. 6,21 € Weiter. ), then you are, no doubt, a pie fanatic. I have a friend who won't eat birthday cake because he doesn't think it's fair to pie. Gebundene Ausgabe. Yay finally scientific proof that pie is better! Elijah ate the frosting off the top then told me, "I don't really like the bread part.". White cake with white frosting? Gulp. ", you are totally great, I mean, its blogs like this that make me feel like im not the only one having such awesomly screwed up thoughts. THERE IS NO CHOICE. Point for pie? But then I saw that it is about being overwhelmingly sad for no reason. The world just isn't ready for that much awesomeness. Ha HA. Also, Red Velvet cake is a wonderful Christmas cake, so cake should be higher for Christmas.And although you touch on frosting in #3, it is all about the flavor ratio. Some have actually died after eating from sheer joy. (I like nuts, so it's ok)2. My son and the rest of his weirdo pre-adolescent 5th grade friends are obsessed with pie. Please see:Http://OMGPIE.com/Case closed :-), I love eatin out pie...especially in a 69 position lol. The veritable outcome of Pie vs. Cake is therefore clear and unarguable. I figured you'll probably check your comments before checking your email so I thought I'd tell you here.Also, someone brought up a good point about cupcakes. You complain about the uneven distribution of frosting, but pie has no frosting. Most likely it will either solve all the problems in the world or end humanity in a hyperglycemic blaze of glory. re #3 If you make a cake and the frosting is the best part - You're doing it wrong! Cool charts, thanks for posting! It's even better for text wrapping, in scientific documents because of its linearity.Also - cupcakes are uniform and homogenous, and cakes make statements! I think pie should be a little lower. pie is not appropriate at a birthday. Disagree that pie is not a birthday food. Pie still wins. 4,6 von 5 Sternen 34. Point for awesome? October 27, 2011 at 3:24 PM Nearly any fruit is good in pie. Es wird kein Kindle Gerät benötigt. It's too brilliant not to. WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW? But overall, as a cake person, I found myself very persuaded by your reasoning. Never heard of it. PROCRASTINATOR!!!! Cake is my life. I think that makes us creepy. But everyone knows brownies are at the top of the food chain. Uneven frosting > no frosting.3) Volume schmolume, that's like saying a Volvo beats a Mercedes because it has more seats. I argue that is a problem with the human race, not cake.2) Cake may ALSO be eaten with ice cream. personally, i think cheesecake belongs in the same family as pumpkin pie, yet ANOTHER item that although named as pie, i don't really think falls into the true classification of "pie".im thinking we should rally for an entirely NEW genre of dessert foods that will encompass such unclassifiable items as pumpkin pie and cheesecake and just throw them in there.honestly, i don't like either pumpkin pie or cheescake very much so i could do without them altogether, so whatever.also, i think you need a book deal.like, seriously... What about molten cake? Oh my friend CakeheadLovesEvil.com will NOT be happy.Lucky for you she is "over there. Fuck yeah.). Then it gets the same amount of frosting. In fact, a quick search for "caked in the face" on google provides an urban dictionary definition, http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=cake%20face, regarding makeup. it is humanly impossible to have too much pie. Moist Red Velvet Cake Cream Cheese Frosting. Ok, so my one question would be that my cousin (who is 24) made a birthday cake for Jesus this year on Christmas. Puppy Cake Ideas. Post navigation. … Your eye is fooling you and you're being cheated, my friends. I need a raise over here. totally pie appropriate. If you make one box cake and spread it in a single cake pan or make one box cake and spread it among several small, round cupcake holders, you still have one (1) box cake. Please people stop the madness! Thanks for this. Also, pie is great in almost any flavor. I just finished a book that was recommended by Bill Gates. Is it a specific flavor? Here it is: http://newyork.grubstreet.com/2010/03/bracketology_pie_vs_cake.html. Awesome! Mmmm. My coworkers laugh at my love of pie, and now I can shove this scientific proof of its superiority in their faces! Angel Birthday Cake. Here’s a good example: “People want to help. There's no nasty bread part, but also there's no crust. But, coconut pie fresh out of the oven. Allie, you're gaining like a hundred followers a week! Small and round. Brian, 1) I didn't mean to imply that pie was better than cake because cake is too tasty to stop eating. Cool as coffee bean gelato. Hyperbole and a half cake . I only have one bone to pick with you, the pie crust. But that's just the price you pay for such concentrated awesomeness. Is it pumpkin? They write short stories and poems about pie, and their graffiti always reads: "I like pie." I have never had a birthday pie.It doesn't change the outcome, but it will make your more objective. But, you can take hot pie and put ice cream on it and it gets all melty. I'm glad to have something I can easily send to those who have not seen the light of pie. That's like eating one potato chip. I mean scientifically testing how pie compares to cake...genius? That kicks frosting's ass anyday.3)As Stalin once said, quantity has a quality all it's own.4)Okay, I don't get either side of this argument. I shared this on facebook. Fucking brilliant. As to the cupcake question - I would argue that cupcakes do more harm than good, because you are expected to eat them with your hands and then you get crumbs on your boobs and it's terribly embarrassing, also a waste of crumbs. The inhomogeneity of cakes lends itself to baking them of different shapes and sizes - to create cake castles etc. He would adore this post, but I can't show him all those f-bombs. Pie is just so much more versatile too. Also, you can bake surprises, like kittens or glass, into pies. Please send any unwanted Christmas cakes my way, I'll comfort them and happily give them a safe home in the depth of my stomach....Other than that a great post as usual....carry on. Rubbish. The people beside me were LAWLing, everyone was LAWLing seeing your amazing drawings!!HILARIOUS. Cake is wonderful. The writer of Hyperbole and a Half, Allie Brosh, uses a combination of hilarious hand drawn pictures and a comical way of explaining the happenings of her life that draws you in. But for different reasons. Whar you should do is take some frosting and some pie filling and smush it all together and eat it with a spoon. Okay, I didn't actually read it yet. As stated by Jim Gaffigan, "You never hear about a hot chick jumping out of a pie, its too messy... 'I'm here!' and whoever begs to differ should have their faces slapped with a fetus. pie sucks. There are so many reasons why I have to. Oh man...After reading this, I'm leaning more towards pie now. (i.e. At first I thought she was depicting herself as a fish with a pink body and yellow dorsal fin. But I would really really really really like to. I L-O-V-E pie! The instructions and video are here: http://www.seriouseats.com/2009/12/video-how-to-make-a-cherpumple-the-monster-pie-cake-charles-phoenix.htmlEnjoy! The God of Cake: A Review of Hyperbole and a Half, by Megan Burnett, which compound reacts faster in an e1 reaction. Haha! You win this round, pie. However, if your mother-in-law is like mine, then you've had to choke down a lot of bad, cardboard-crust, over-sweet, gloppy pies with a fake "MMMMMmmmmmm!" I love it!!! I'm going to present all my team statistics in the form of cake charts from now on. you obviously eat all the wrong cake, have you ever been to a place called Europe, you can't even find pie there because it's so, what's the word, suckie in comparison. Plus, you also appear to not like the crust of pie. Anybody's guess! Thus it is CAKE which is actually far more versatile (scientifically and otherwise)5) Christmas and Halloween only occur once per year. It has what appears to be melty frosting ON THE INSIDE but no frosting on the outside, does that disqualify it completey, possibly creating a new dessert catagory? :o)pie-shmie, who needs pie, now if we're talking buttertarts, that's a whole different ballgame!~Jenn. I love all sorts of baked goods, but pie takes the cake (pardon the pun)! :), Clearly two things are true here:1. 3. the layers are so fucking good that i get tingly just thinking about that cake. I was overwhelmingly sad for no reason today. For the rest of you reading this, there's no further debate necessary: PIE RULES!!!! The fact is that cakes take many different shapes, while pies are limited to the boring circle. You can listen to a preview here: http://www.amazon.com/Cake-V-Pie/dp/B002XI077SIt's on his CD which came out early this year, you can get it at http://www.aspecialthing.com/store/I think in the interest of scientific cordiality you should credit him since he came to the same conclusion in his act as you (re: hiybridization of cake/pie). Cheesecake is the perfect hybrid. There are no pie decorating contests. Sponsored Links. American cake is a disservice to the word and all cake eaters, the only thing it is good for is food fights, which I will admit pies are better for, but then there is the issue that you have to launch whole pies and not pieces, so that's debatable depending on how much ammo you need. I bought a t-shirt that said "Enjoy Pie Again!". Leave a Reply Cancel reply. I hate to totally disagree. Maybe I'll print it and draw funny faces on top of the bad words. The cake was slathered in impossibly thick frosting and topped. This comment has been removed by the author. =P. You're too awesome, I'm putting on on our site:http://blog.thescav.com/2010/03/great-debate-is-over.html. Heck no... you break out the baddest apple pie on the rack (which is hopefully on sale). Cake has much more severe, longer lasting consequences than pie: I'm reading: Cake Versus Pie: A Scientific Approach. My need for sugar would become so massive, that it would collapse in upon itself and create a vacuum into which even more sugar would be drawn until all the world had been stripped of sweetness. The act of decorating a cake can polarize it and cause a dangerously uneven distribution of frosting, leading to discord and animosity during serving time. I love cake. Time to bake shit!! The graphics were especially great. Yeah. I'm going to have to disagree with you on the appropriateness of pie on birthdays. just discovered it and I'm going to have the url tattooed on my ass so i never forget it...:). Pie is definitely superior to cake as a partner to ice cream.3) Stalin did suck ass. I loved your Pie vs. Cake post so much I had to write about it on my blog, The World Needs More Pie (blogspot.com). That's it -- the very next pie I make will be covered in frosting instead of crust. Cupcakes solve Cake problems displayed in 1, 2, 5, and 6 (as long as you don't eat too many cupcakes). No.Sorry.I think you've been looking for spiders for too long.CAKE IS MAGIC. I had to google it, which was tough because I didn't remember it well at first...but basically, your pie guy could totally be the new Therapy Buddy drawing.http://www.mytherapybuddy.com/index.shtmlSome of the pictures are weird and hard to see clearly, but basically, it looks like he just got done eating pie. So when she had finally gotten a handful of the cake, a chain reaction had then been set into motion. It's the best holiday ever. It can be dinner or desert. Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened | Brosh, Allie | ISBN: 8601401132530 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. Since someone's throwing Duncan Hines at me right now, I must be the lone objector.However, PIE is pure bliss for any occasion. It is my job and my obsession. You're a nut. You know what's even funny? It was perhaps a mistake to read this while eating. HOW CAN YOU BE IN MY HEAD? You don't appear to be a reliable source for cake/pie comparisons. There are no seven-tiered wedding pies. So it is a easy to share as a pie ! The writer of Hyperbole and a Half, Allie Brosh, uses a combination of hilarious hand drawn pictures and a comical way of explaining the happenings of her life that draws you in. I have always wanted the scientific evidence to support my theory that pie is definitely preferable to cake. No. Flawless explanation of unequal frosting distribution. I still agree that pie is a lot better nutritionally and in terms of variety of flavours and ingredients though. Totally rulez! FROM THE PUBLISHER:Every time Allie Brosh posts something new on her hugely popular blog Hyperbole and a Half the internet rejoices.

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